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Marketing in today’s highly competitive market is difficult. Compared to 5 years ago when SEO, Google Ads and Facebook Ads were still a new concept, the competition today is tougher than ever.

Thankfully, here at Undrcut Digital Marketing, we have successfully stayed ahead of the competition by constantly testing out and implementing the latest Digital Marketing Strategies.

We are confident that we can put your Brand out to the right target audience, and get you what you NEED; Strong Branding, Relevant Leads, and Sales.

Who or What is

Undrcut Digital Marketing is a Singapore-grown digital marketing agency that handles online marketing for clients both locally and globally. The Company also has offices in Australia & Canada, and staff based in Thailand & the Philippines.

Regardless of what product or service you provide, we are confident in getting word out for you so that you can focus on the things that need your attention: business development and client management.

The Team

Behind Your Success.

Gabriel Sim

CEO | Founder

Gabriel has over half a decade experience as a digital marketer. He Founded Undrcut Digital Marketing in Singapore, before expanding the Company to Sydney, Australia as well as Canada.

Gabriel has extensive knowledge in SEO, PPC, Digital PR and other forms of marketing, allowing him to find the best solution to every problem.

Tom Fu

COO | Co-Founder

The lawyer turned marketer. Tom has been an active digital marketer for over 3 years and is the COO of Undrcut Digital Marketing.

As the COO, Tom manages the day to day operations in the Company. He also manages the relationships with our existing partners, and builds new ones with businesses that we are confident in helping.

Key Team Members

Our Dedicated Team, worldwide.

Jillian Amanda (CA)

Relationship Manager

Christopher Kent (CA)

Business Development Manager

Elysa Han (SG)

Marketing Executive

Josh Larsen (CA/TH)

SEO Specialist

Grant Charge (AU/TH)

Google Adwords Specialist

Tim Sutton (AU/TH)

Google Adwords Specialist

Ready for a serious boost in traffic and rankings?

There are limited slots available for new clients. Due to our high expectations for results, we only work with websites or companies where astronomical growth is achievable. Please only apply if your business is prepared for exponential growth.

If you feel we are a good match, contact us with as much information about your website as possible and we’ll get back to you quickly with an assessment of your website and whether our team will be able to take your campaign on.

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